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The Classics

Sometimes, the best add to your closet is a classic. You can never go wrong with something to match every outfit. 

The Badge Collection

Wear your achievements on your sleeve (or tee!) Whether your favorite feature is HODL'ing XYO Tokens, Referral Rewards, or just plain Geominin'... we've got a shirt that you'll want to add to your closet! 

Boost your COIN in seconds!

Earn 12x rewards on a Basic COIN Plan, and a 10% boost on any COIN Premium Plan! The SentinelX NFC requires no battery, and simply needs to be scanned by your phone for a temporary rewards boost.

Features Inclue:

- No charging or battery needed

 - Waterproof
 - Additional Rewards on Every COIN Plan

 - Assign a Referral Link to the device for easy referrals

... and more!